Ophthalmology Associates is staffed by dedicated professionals and technicians who are dedicated to making your visit pleasant and convenient. Before your appointment, we recommend you review the tips and information below to make your visit a smooth one.

To speed up the registration process, please bring your eye-glasses and/or contact lenses and an up-to-date list of all your medications and eyedrops. Include your current insurance card and one form of photo identification.

We are available to answer your scheduling and financial questions during normal office hours at (210) 223-5561.


We make every effort to schedule routine appointments as soon as possible and see emergencies the same day you call. When planning your appointment, please allow adequate time for a comprehensive eye examination (this usually includes dilation). If your treatment should require hospitalization, our staff can make the necessary arrangements for you.

Your ophthalmologist visit: Schedule enough time

Schedule enough time

When planning your appointment, please allow adequate time for a comprehensive eye exam (approximately 1.5 hours, in addition to any other diagnostic tests the doctor may deem necessary).

Your ophthalmologist visit: Dilation


Often your pupils must be dilated during an eye exam. Dilation is necessary for a thorough evaluation of your retina and optic nerves. Dilation may cause your vision to become blurry, and lights will appear brighter than usual. We suggest you bring sunglasses to your appointment. If you are concerned about driving while dilated, bring someone with you to drive you home.

Your ophthalmologist visit: Directions

Get directions

Click here for directions to any of the Ophthalmology Associates locations. Allow enough time for parking if you are visiting the downtown location.

Your ophthalmologist visit: Download Forms

Download and complete forms

Fill out these forms if
  • You are a new patient
  • Your personal information (address, phone number, or insurance) has changed since the last visit
  • Your medical history and/or medication has changed since the last visit
Your ophthalmologist visit: Bring medications list

Bring a list of medications and eyedrops

Bring a complete list, with dosages, of your current medications, eye drops, nutritional supplements, over-the-counter medicines, and herbal supplements with you to your appointment. This will help with the check-in process and provide the doctor with information he or she may need to prescribe treatment or make a diagnosis.

Your ophthalmologist visit: Glasses, Sunglasses, Contacts

Bring your corrective lenses and sunglasses

Bring your contacts and/or glasses with you to your appointment.

Your ophthalmologist visit: Insurance Card, Photo ID

Insurance Card & Photo I.D.

Don’t forget your current insurance card and one form of photo identification.


We would like to keep our fees as low as possible. You can help by paying for services, including co-pays and deductibles, at the time of your visit.

As a service to our patients, Ophthalmology Associates billing department will file surgical and diagnostic insurance claims. For visits and surgery, we accept cash, check, and all major credit cards as forms of payment. If you have a question about financial policies or are experiencing a financial hardship, we are happy to discuss it with you.

Flexible Spending Account

If you participate in a flexible health care spending program through your employer, you can use your dollars at Ophthalmology Associates for your eye exam. Contacts, frames, and prescription glasses/sunglasses are often also eligible for flex spending dollars. LASIK and other refractive, cosmetic and elective surgery procedures can be financed in this manner as well.

Accepted Insurance

The staff of Ophthalmology Associates of San Antonio is experienced in working with most insurance companies. Please contact your insurance provider to check your benefits before scheduling or you may contact our office to find out if your insurance is accepted in our practice.