Top trusted Opthalmologist San Antonio.
Built on a solid foundation: Dr. Thomas F. Hogan Jr., Dr. Joe R. McFarlane Jr., Dr. David M. Hunter, and Dr. Arlo C. Terry.

Ophthalmology Associates of San Antonio was established in 1970, by two prominent eye surgeons, Thomas F. Hogan, Jr., M.D. and Joe R. McFarlane, Jr., M.D., J.D. Their goal was simple: to better serve people needing comprehensive eye care in a centrally-located facility. In 1973, David M. Hunter, M.D., joined the staff, adding his expertise in the subspecialty of vitreo-retinal disease.

With a solid foundation and reputation, Ophthalmology Associates has grown to meet the need for additional quality eye care in outlying areas. Today, the practice boasts six world-class Eye M.D.s.

Arlo C. Terry, M.D. 


Arlo C. Terry, M.D.
Joined 1986

Corneal Specialist, Cataract Surgery, and Comprehensive Ophthalmology

John A. Campagna, M.D., F.A.C.S. 


John A. Campagna, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Joined 1997

Glaucoma Specialist, Cataract Surgery, and Comprehensive Ophthalmology

DR Robert P. Green 


Robert P. Green, Jr., M.D., M.A., F.A.C.S.
Joined 1992

Oculoplastics, Cataract Surgery, and Comprehensive Ophthalmology

DR Cooper M. Clark 


Cooper M. Clark, D.O.
Joined 2014

Retina Specialist

DR Mark J. Trevino 


Mark J. Trevino, M.D.
Joined 2015

Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Cataract Surgery

Maxine A Harvey, D.O. 


Maxine A Harvey, D.O.
Joined 2022

Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Surgery


Committed to total eye care

Our philosophy is that patients benefit from access to a team of ophthalmic subspecialists. Each of the Eye M.D.s at Ophthalmology Associates has a separate area of training, experience, and expertise that fills a vital need in total eye care. Together, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing the quality of life for every individual we treat by helping each to see his or her best, and by preserving and protecting our patients’ vision and eye health throughout life.

We are committed to responding compassionately to our patients’ individual needs and to advancing the highest standards of comprehensive eye care.

To this end, all diagnostic services, testing, consultation, surgical, and emergency care are all available through Ophthalmology Associates.